EDIT: Although this is the first entry of this blog which started to be popular and well placed in Google, time has passed… and now it’s totally obsolete. It isn’t necessary anymore to twitch into /data to add custom ringtones in the late versions of LINE. Now it’s much easier, you only need to go to Setup/Notifications/Other to select any ringtone installed in your Android, even your custom ringtones. This entry is part of this blog’s history so I won’t delete it, but as tutorial it won’t be useful anymore.

(Translation of the original spanish version, located here)

With the end of the never ending trial period of Whatsapp, its crown of King of the Apps has staggered. And it has good reasons to be worried. Most of its competitors are free, and are better in important things like privacy, stability, updates, VoIP…

And in many countries, the app which more problems is giving to Whatsapp is Naver LINE, free and with japanese genes, full of features and pretty cute.

I won’t beat around the bush anymore. In LINE, you can’t add custom notification tones, you can only use the sounds of the application or the default system ringtones. And for me, this is a pain in the ass. But we can fix it!

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